Online Service Provider Privacy Policy

Online Service Provider Privacy Policy

Please be aware that this Online Service Provider's website is the only one covered by this privacy statement. We have no control over the security of websites outside of our own, so if you choose to leave our website and visit a third-party website, you are responsible for reading its privacy statement.

The below privacy policy outlines what information may be collected from you and how it may be used. Online Service Provider is committed to respecting and protecting any personal data. Please be aware that this privacy statement may change from time to time. If you frequently use our website, we recommend that you check this privacy statement for updates.

When you give us permission to contact you, we may use the information you give us to do so. We might compile personal information about you, like your name and phone number, contact information, like your email address, and technical information, like the IP address you used to access our site, your browser, where you are located, and your operating system. Aside from EU-based analytics providers like Google, data can also be automatically gathered from non-EU-based search information providers like Google and Bing. You can provide us with your contact information by filling out web forms or contacting our business directly.

Your interactions with our website may result in the collection of technical information. The cookies that may be used to give you the best experience possible while using our website are listed below:
 (__utmz cookie which monitors the HTTP referrer and notes where a visitor arrived from. It helps record keywords used to find the site, plus a visitor’s geolocation data, __utma cookie which tracks visitors and records visits to our website. __utmb cookie & __utmc cookie which operate together to calculate website visit length.

We advise you to visit for more information on how to change your cookie preferences, including how to prevent your browser from accepting cookies from our website. It's important to be aware that if you use our website in the future, we will assume that you are okay with us using cookies.

For as long as is required to deliver the services you have requested from us, data is stored securely. Please get in touch with us directly if you want to see the data we have on you.

Please fill out the webform on our contact page if you need to get in touch with us; we will be happy to assist you. If you require any additional help, you can get in touch with the ICO at, who can look into your inquiry or complaint further.